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Artificial Grass Hardener


Envirostik Hardener liquid is part of a 2-component system and is specially formulated to mix with the Envirostik PU adhesives: Ultrafix, Wet-Fix, Multi-Purpose and Flexibond.

Artificial Grass Nails


Bag of 20 x 15.24cm

High quality nails for fixing artificial grass

Artificial Grass Underlay 10mm


1.37m x 11m – 15.07SQM per roll

Add a protective cushion to any application with this 10mm underlay roll.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Fake Rake for artificial grass

£25.00 £20.00

Removes unwanted debris, leaves and moss. Instant yarn recovery as bristles lift the pile. Designed to cause no harm to your lawn. Strong, durable and easy to store.

Artificial Grass Smart Rake | Artificial Grass Fake Rake | Artificial Grass Accessories
Artificial Grass Power Brush

Power Brush + Blower Attachment

£225.00 £180.00

The Power Brush & Power Blower are designed to make maintaining a beautiful artificial lawn as quick and easy as possible. Designed to cause no harm to your lawn. Removes unwanted debris, leaves and moss.

Artificial Grass accessories | Artificial Grass Power Brush | Artificial Grass Power blower
Artificial Grass Weed Control Membrane

Weed Control Membrane


2m Width x 10,25,50, 100m Length or 4m Width x 25m Length

Use a weed control membrane to stop weeds coming through artificial grass.

Wet-Fix Tub for Artificial Grass


Wet-Fix Tub for Artificial Grass – Multi Purpose Wet-Fix Adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding artificial grass carpets to seam jointing tapes to produce a strong invisible joint along the carpet joints.